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Donate now to transform futures through education.

Today, you are helping a woman achieve her dream of escaping poverty through education. When you make a gift, you open a door for a woman to finish her education faster and with less debt.

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Khadijah's Story

Khadijah was homeless with two children, escaping from an abusive marriage. With help from a Jeannette Rankin Scholarship, she finished college and is currently in law school. Her goal is to help women who come from similar circumstances. Once a recipient of Legal Aid, she now serves on that organization's Board of Directors.

Khadijah's story expresses the impact of your donation to the Jeannette Rankin Women's Scholarship Fund. Your support offers women over 35 years old the opportunity to attend college or pursue a post-secondary education. Higher education changes the trajectory of our Scholar's lives. It helps them achieve self-sufficiency, and lifts many from generational poverty - creating a lasting effect for their families and generations to come.